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Demand for English teachers all over the world is growing quickly. As more countries interact with each other through business and other types of communication, the need for English speakers in foreign lands is growing. And nowhere is this need greater than in China.
Second Life in China Offers a Diverse Number of Teaching Opportunities in China.
New English Teaching Job Available now in Guizhou Province


4 steps to english


step1:make your decision Teach-English-in-China

Fell boring with your current life? It is time to make some change now, don’t waste your life anymore, come to China and enjoy a brand new life, we can help you!

If you want to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and learn Mandarin Chinese, teaching English in China is the perfect opportunity for you.

The salary benefits of teaching English in China include: A monthly salary of between 8,000-22,000RMB. Free flights, free housing, bonuses, airport pickup, and a Z visa, among other perks.

Your salary as an English teacher in China will be enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and save for trips around China and to other countries in Asia!

Travel abroad is a unique and special experience. Truly living that experience is even more rare. There is no better time to teach and live in Asia. As China continues to open itself to the outside world, a case can be made the uniqueness of the experience may quickly be fading!


step2:to be preparedRequirements to teach English in China

We work with a great number of reputable private schools in China, however, our teachers must meet the following requirements laid out by the Chinese State Administration for Foreign Expert Affairs. There are different procedures for various nationalities and for different locations around China.

Teachers must meet the following requirements to teach in China:

* A Bachelor’s degree[not necessary]
* Two years of post graduate work experience[not necessary]
* A TEFL certification (120+ hours).Some schools will still accept a 100-hour certificate, but 1st-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai require at least 120-hours of TEFL training.[not necessary]

The good news is, all the above requirements are not necessary, as long as you speak English as your first language, how ever, if you meet all the requirements, you can easily to get a Z visa to come to China and get a better payments while teach english in china.


step3:CONTACT US Need Help?

Once you are ready to come to China to start a new life, please contact us, we can help you on settle down when arriving in China!

Second Life in China is a english

teacher recruitment agency located in GuiZhou Province of China,

we works with english teachers and schools to find a good fit for both parties. We are focused very heavily on the teacher’s needs, and work with multiple schools rather than always funneling their teachers into 1 specific school.

Step4:arrivingEnjoy your life in China
Now Accepting Applications for English Teaching Jobs in Guiyang city, Guizhou province, China!


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Mary Ryan


Keep in mind that if you choose to teach English in China, it won’t necessarily be the most financially rewarding career available- at least, not at first. Many Chinese universities will only require you to teach 14-15 classroom hours a week; however, you will be expected to be available for office hours and other types of responsibilities. …

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Bill Joel


I’m proud to say that before leaving China I had a great 5-year run. During my time spent I met a bunch of people that enjoyed life in China, and just as many that couldn’t stand it. Some of those that don’t enjoy China life leave in their first few months, and while others stay for years and gripe.

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Glen Cornel

Is teaching English in china hard

Teaching in China can be the most difficult job that you’ve ever had while also being the easiest job that you’ll ever come across. It’s all up to how you approach the work itself.

Let me first give a completely unrelated example:…

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