Frequency Asked Questions


1: How much I will be paid to work as a English teacher in China?

Salaries vary depending on school and location and are often times commensurate with experience, qualifications and whether you want to take on extra classes or responsibility within your school. Overall, teachers can expect to receive a salary that ranges between RMB 6,500 and RMB21,000 per month depending on experience and qualifications.

2: Are there any special qualifications for teaching in China?

In recent years the government in China has passed a law requiring all teachers to have at least two years of work experience after University. You must be between 22 and 55 years of age to receive a proper working Z visa.

The Chinese government also requires teachers to have at least a 100hr TEFL certification. Most provincial governments require teachers to have a 120-hour certification, so it is really in your best interest to add that extra 20 hours to your certificate if possible!

What is the cost of living in China?

The cost of living in China is considerably lower than the cost of living in Canada or the United States or the United Kingdom, for example. Although we will include a more detailed explanation of what the cost of living is in your acceptance packet with Second Life in China, it’s worth noting that the cost of living varies depending on your location. Rural areas are much less expensive than city areas.

How is the food in China, will I like it?

Food is as varied as the people in China! Different regions offer different specialties. Guizhou and Sichuan is known for this spicy fare while Shanghai is renowned for their “small eats”, like dumplings or vegetable plates. In addition to the traditional Chinese cuisine, there are some really exotic and tantalizing options from chicken feet to snake. Western restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, TGIF, and Outback Steakhouse are prevalent all throughout China as well, but be prepared for larger bills when the check comes out!

Can I apply for a teach position if I am already in China?

This depends on what kind of visa you’re on at the time. If you entered China on a Z visa and your residency permit is still valid, your school might be able to negotiate with your current employer without you having to leave China. Your current employer will decide whether or not you will remain affiliated to them on your residence permit. If they decide to switch you over to an L visa at your expense, you’ll need to make a visa run to Hong Kong to apply for a new Z visa.

Do I have to teach in the city? Where are most of your client schools?

We have most of schools located in Guiyang city, Guizhou province in China, other common placements include Beijing, , Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Ningbo. If you prefer some fresher air, we also have placements in rural areas as well, where the cost of living is considerably lower.

Is my flight to China paid for at my own expense?

Teachers can buy their own flights, but we can reimburse the cost, as long as you

commit to a 12 month contract with us.

How much are roundtrip flights to China?

Round trip flights vary in price depending on distance, time of year and how close to the date of travel you book. Generally, flights from Canada and Us to China can be anywhere between US$800 and US$1,500.

Do I have to get a medical check in my home country or in China?

You will need to get a medical done in China. Some provinces in China might also need you to do a health check in your home country.

Can I break my contract?

Before signing a contract, it is very important to review your own personal situation and understand you are making a promise to students and a school that you are committed to work for them for the entire year. If unavoidable circumstances occur you will need to address the situation. As always, the more professional and understanding you are in the handling of the matter, the better the outcome will be. When contracts are broken it is very normal to forfeit elements of a contract (for example reimbursed flights, bonuses, etc).

How much vacation/holiday time will I have?

In addition to national holidays and a week for Chinese New Year (sometime in January or February), vacation time will vary from school to school. Vacation time is usually several weeks per year.

Am I provided with housing?

This depends on the school you are working with. While some schools outside larger cities offer housing, most schools in the larger cities do not. However, the school will always ensure you find appropriate housing to match your salary and you will never be homeless! Apartments are typically clean and modern and are often times within walking distance to the school! Some schools offer shared accommodation with another teacher at your school, while others offer private accommodation. Your placement manager will discuss this with you before you decide to accept a teaching position.