What To Expect

Know what to expect in China

Keep in mind that if you choose to teach English in China, it won’t necessarily be the most financially rewarding career available- at least, not at first. Many Chinese universities will only require you to teach 14-15 classroom hours a week; however, you will be expected to be available for office hours and other types of responsibilities.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate terms. Although your paycheck may not be very impressive, most universities or companies will provide you with airfare to and from China. Some universities will offer paid housing for foreign teachers, which eliminates the hassle of finding and paying for an apartment or house.

If you have a master’s degree or a doctorate, you may qualify to work as a Foreign Expert in a Chinese university. Foreign Experts teach higher level classes and generally get a higher pay rate than Foreign Teachers.

Choosing to teach English in China is not just a career- it’s a major commitment, so it’s important to think carefully before making your final decision! If you love the Chinese culture; if teaching English is your passion; if you’re unafraid of new and challenging situations- then you’ve quite possibly found the right career field.

By Michelle Simmons